The HR Learning Center mission is to help employers navigate through the alphabet soup of employment laws. HR Learning Center knows that employers who act proactively to comply with the employment laws will be reducing their litigation costs and expenses significantly. HR Learning Center's mission is to be an employer’s HR Partner to successfully face all the employment law challenges that exist in today’s workplace. By providing employers with well-drafted employment law policies, training for the human resources department, all of management and employees on how to properly implement those policies and instructing employers on how to ensure that the workplace is harassment free and respectful for all employees, HR Learning Center is helping each employer to reduce litigation expenses and potential liability for significant damages that can occur under the employment discrimination laws.

HR Learning Center accomplishes our mission by providing on-site HR Seminars and live on-line HR Webinars on a variety of topics from Preventing Workplace Harassment and Preventing Workplace Violence to Facebook Firing and Best Practices for Creating a Legally Compliant Social Media Policy.  We are founded by employment attorneys and all of our training materials are developed by experienced employment attorneys.  Our training is fun, interactive and engaging and presented by experienced employment attorneys, seasoned HR Consultants and Security Experts who know how to keep participants engaged and attentive.  We strive to provide the most legally compliant, engaging and informative HR Training that takes legally complicated employment discrimination laws and breaks them down into easy-to-understand and apply concepts that will ensure legal compliance by your organization.