EEOC Settlement Mandated Training


Have you had an EEOC or other federal or state Fair Employment Agency charge filed against you? Were you required to provide mandatory training as part of the settlement or conciliation agreement with the EEOC or another federal or state agency? If so, HR Learning Center LLC can assist. Often the EEOC will require as part of the conciliation or settlement agreement that the employer provide mandatory EEO training annually or for a period of time. As part of our HR consulting services at HR Learning Center LLC, we can create customized training on the many different EEOC-required training seminars/webinars the EEOC often requires after conciliation or settlement agreements such as training seminars/webinars on:

We can also customize training for a Department of Labor settlement on the FMLA, or on FLSA wage and hour training. We will also work with you and the EEOC, DOL or other agency to ensure that the training that we develop for you is exactly what the EEOC or other agency requires in accordance with your EEOC settlement or conciliation agreement.

Please contact us at or give us a call at 914-417-1715 for additional information on this EEOC mandated training following a conciliation or settlement agreement.

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