Employment Discrimination and Sexual Harassment Investigations

He Said, She Said. . .  No witnesses. It is often impossible for employers to conduct their own employment discrimination investigations into sexual harassment complaints. Most employers retain outside consultants such as our company to conduct these employment discrimination investigations and sexual harassment investigations. It makes sense to let an expert conduct the employment discrimination investigations and sexual harassment investigation because it is easier for someone with years of experience conducting employment discrimination investigations to determine credibility in the he said/she said circumstance. In addition, it helps to keep your HR staff from being called as a potential witness in any future lawsuit that may arise from the employment discrimination investigation.Let us help you determine the facts underlying any discriminatory harassment complaint. We can also suggest the prompt effective action that will protect your company from liability if a lawsuit were to arise. HR Learning Center LLC has HR Consultants available to conduct employment discrimination investigationssexual harassment investigations and unlawful harassment investigations.  

Please contact us to discuss how we can be of assistance to you and outsource your sexual harassment investigations, unlawful harassment investigations and other employment discrimination investigations to us at HR Learning Center LLC.

Outsourced Employment Discrimination Investigations

For more information or to schedule an employment discrimination investigation or sexual harassment investigation, please contact us directly at info@hrlearningcenter.com or (914) 417-1715.