HR Training in Spanish

In order for policies and training to be effective, courts require that the policies and training be provided in the language your employees primarily use.  Therefore, we provide HR Training Webinars and HR Seminars in Spanish and English for those employers who have some employees in their workforce whose native language is Spanish.
For these employees to really understand the training and your policies, we provide the HR Training in Spanish.  We also customize all quizzes and assessments we use in our HR Webinars and HR Seminars to be in Spanish as well.
Another reason to choose HR Learning Center is that we can also translate your entire employee handbook into Spanish.  Having your handbook, de libros usados Empleado, in Spanish protects your business. When you ask your employees to sign an acknowledgment that they have read and agree to abide by your policies, it will ensure that a court later on will not hold that the handbook policies were ineffective because they were not in the employee's native language.
Please contact us today at or 914-417-1715 to see how we can customize HR Training in Spanish, de libros usados Empleado and/or Spanish language translations for employment law policies for your workplace.
If you would like to purchase one of our current HR Webinars or HR Seminars and have it offered to you in Spanish, please contact us today at or call our customer service line at 914-417-1715.