Employment Law Webinars

Posted by Melissa Fleischer, Esq. on May 24th 2010

HR Learning Center LLC provides on-line live webinars for management and HR Professionals.  Please visit our website at http://www.hrlearningcenter.com/webinars.aspx

to view the webinars on employment law topics that we currently offer.  We would also love to hear from you to see what other employment law topics you would like us to provide.   Please feel free to e-mail me at melissa.fleischer@hrlearningcenter.com or respond to this post below with other employment law webinars that you would like us to present.  In addition, please be aware that if you see a webinar in which you are interested on our website but would like it presented on a different day or time, we can do that for you.  Just send us an e-mail and we would be happy to deliver the webinar on a time and date that is more convenient for you.  We would also love to hear from you on any other employment law needs that you may have.  Thank you.