Manager One-on-One Disciplinary Anti-Harassment Training Webinar

Manager One-on-One Disciplinary Anti-Harassment Training Webinar
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The most important thing that an employer can do when a manager is violating your policy is to ensure that you take "prompt corrective action". Often, such prompt corrective action requires the employer to show that they have required the manager to attend one-on-one disciplinary Anti-Harassment Training. This live on-line webinar is for when managers have attended your prior Anti-Harassment Training and either just don't "get it" or think that all of this does not apply to them. When this happens, it is time to provide the manager with one-on-one Sexual Harassment Training. HR Learning Center's one-on-one Sexual Harassment Training provides in-depth coverage of both Quid Pro Quo Harassment as well as Hostile Work Environment Harassment and ensures that your manager understands his/her heightened resonsibilities as a manager under both the law and your Anti-Harassment Policy. We customize this Workplace Harassment Training Seminar to include your actual Anti-Harassment Policy and review the policy at-length with your manager in this one-on-one sexual harassment training. Your managers will understand that they must be role models for your company and that they must act as the eyes and ears of your company, informing Human Resources anytime that they observe any harassment taking place in your workplace. .

What You Will Learn in this One-Hour (Two-Hour for California) Interactive On-Line Webinar:

  • Definitions of Quid Pro Quo and Hostile Work Environment Harassment
  • Mistakes Managers Make that can Create a Hostile Work Environment in your Workplace
  • Tips For Avoiding a Hostile Work Environment
  • Tips for Avoiding Quid Pro Quo Harassment
  • It's Not Just About Sex Anymore-Hostile Work Environments Based on Protected Classes Other than Sex
  • Tips to Avoid Retaliation Claims
  • Methods for Employers To Establish the Ellerth and Farragher Affirmative Defenses to Harassment Claims
  • Tips on What Your Anti-Harassment Policy Should Contain
  • What You Need to Do in Addition to Having a Policy to Establish that you have Exercised
  • Reasonable Care" Under the Law
  • Protected Classes Under State and Federal Law

HR Learning Centers one hour on-line Anti-Harassment/EEO training seminar includes the following:

  • Live on-line training by an experienced employment attorney
  • Full Report Sent to HR following Training Webinar
  • Power point presentation
  • Hand Outs
  • Certificate of Attendance Forms
  • Question and Answer Session