Medical Marijuana: Understanding Your Compliance Obligations in the Face of Legal Perils Caused By New State Laws

Medical Marijuana: Understanding Your Compliance Obligations in the Face of Legal Perils Caused By New State Laws
September 6, 2019
11:00 a.m. -1:00 p.m.
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Medical Marijuana in the Workplace- HR Webinar

HR's obligations with regard to enforcing drug-free workplace policies in the face of new state laws legalizing medical and recreational marijuana use can be difficult to understand. These new state laws create a legal nightmare for HR with regard to how to handle situation in which employees may use marijuana while working or fail routine drug screenings. This can create more questions than answers for the HR Professional especially with regard to whether you are obligated under these state laws to provide accommodations for use of medical marijuana in your workplace. Since there have been few cases so far and some of the cases have upheld terminations of employees who used medical marijuana and failed a routine drug test, this issue needs to be thoroughly understood by HR.  In addition, there have been several recent cases that have changed an employer's obligations that HR needs to understand.

Medical Marijuana Compliance

This webinar will help you make sense of it all as legal expert, Melissa Fleischer, Esq., reviews an employers' responsibilities vis-a-vis medical marijuana and provides guidance on the important issues of whether and/or how to accommodate medical marijuana usage under these new state laws as well as providing an overview of the recent case law developments regarding medical marijuana.


  • An overview of the current state laws relating to medical marijuana
  • Understanding the meaning of needing marijuana for medical usage under these laws
  • Rules regarding medical marijuana usage in the workplace, including important tips on whether you must provide accommodations for such use
  • Interaction of these new state medical marijuana laws and an employer's legal obligations under the employment laws
  • How to handle employees' use of medical marijuana when conducting drug testing

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