Top 10 FLSA Mistakes Managers Make

Top 10 FLSA Mistakes Managers Make
October 31, 2022
11:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. EST
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Top FSLA Mistakes Made by Managers

The FLSA is one of those laws that can trip managers up big time. It is also one of those laws that managers rarely think about or focus on. What types of issues can cause problems for managers?

First of all managers need to understand how to correctly classify your employees as exempt or non-exempt. Then you have another big issue with regard to classifications and that is whether your Independent Contractors are really independent contractors or are they really employees who you have misclassified. There is also the issue of figuring out what time is compensable and what time does not have to be compensated for by an employer. Then there are 21st Century issues such as working overtime on cell phones, blackberries, etc. and whether your employees need to be compensated for such time. Or what about if it takes a significant amount of time for your employees to boot up or boot down their computers. Do they have to be paid for that time if they are working even before they log onto their computers?


This informative Top FLSA Mistakes Managers Make seminar will provide your managers with everything they need to know to protect your organization from liability for violation of the Fair Labor Standards Act includi

  • How to avoid misclassification of non-exempt employees as exempt
  • How to avoid misclassification of employees as independent contractors
  • What is compensable time?
  • Understanding obligations for payment of overtime for hours spent on smart phones after hours
  • Booting up or down computers as compensable time
  • Methods for avoiding legal issues regarding student interns
  • Understanding when you can use volunteers and not pay them
  • Understanding overtime calculations
  • And much more!!!


  • HR Professionals
  • In-House Counsel
  • Managers
  • Business Owners

HR Learning Center's 60 minute on-line employment law training webinar includes the following:

  • Live on-line training by an experienced employment attorney
  • Power point presentation on Avoiding Employer Liability
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  • Certificate of Attendance Forms
  • Question and Answer Session

This live on-line webinar is a must for all HR Professionals!