ADAAA and the New EEOC Regulations: How to Ensure Compliance

ADAAA and the New EEOC Regulations: How to Ensure Compliance
January 31, 2024
10:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. EST
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ADAAA: How to comply with the vastly expanded final EEOC regulations

You know the old ADA contained plenty of landmines, such as "regarded as disabled," "major life activities," and "request for accommodation." Those triggered ADA lawsuits against even savvy employers nationwide for almost two decades.

Now we're in the early goings of the ADAAA, the original ADA revision passed in 2009. The EEOC issued the final regulations in the spring of 2011, and employers and managers need to understand the rules have changed. These include:

  • Redefining what counts as a protected disability
  • Revising which impairment of "major life activities" trigger ADAAA protection (Hint: The list has vastly expanded.)
  • Altering what counts as "regarded as disabled" - a big trap your managers need to keep in mind
  • Changing how managers should recognize a "request for accommodation" (Hint: It doesn't require any mention of disability - just an ongoing medical condition and how it impacts essential job functions.)
  • Overturning legal precedents that have guided employers, HR and supervisors for years
  • Changing legal issues concerning episodic and conditions-in-remission.

This 60-minute live, online webinar will help you understand how these changes impact manager's day-to-day activities:

The four areas of your ADA disabilities policy you'll need to revise

A strategy with real-world suggestions for ensuring compliance from managers and supervisors, and

What you need to do now to properly conduct the interactive process under the new ADAAA rules. (Do you need to offer flexible work hours for a worker who has complained depression is interfering with his job performance?


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  • In-House Counsel
  • Managers
  • Business Owners

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