From Hiring To Firing: What You Need To Know

From Hiring To Firing: What You Need To Know
May 4, 2020
9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
The Heritage Hotel Resort and Conference Center, 522 Heritage Road, Southbury, CT
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Do you feel that you do not understand why HR keeps saying “no” to you when you want to fire an employee.  Do the employment law concepts that HR keeps telling you about only confuse you more.  Then this seminar is for you.  Our “From Hiring to Firing: What You Need to Know” live Training Seminar in Southbury, CT will provide you with the essentials you need to ensure full compliance with the law. It is a step-by-step guide for managing within the law in your organization. 


Often it is managers who can expose an organization to liability with regard to employment law issues without their having any understanding of how they did this.  Thus, this on-site training provides all the elements that managers need to know to enable employers to protect their organizations from future potential liability. 

This training is designed for those who are unfamiliar with the employment laws and how they may impact your organization and create liability for you.  It will be presented as an overview of what is appropriate and inappropriate in the workplace based on many of the important employment laws including the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Family and Medical Leave Act, the federal and state laws that prohibit sexual harassment in the workplace and the anti-discrimination laws. 

The training seminar will be presented chronologically from hiring to termination with a discussion of each relevant employment law that may come into play for a manager at each of these stages of employment. In the hiring stage it will provide managers with an understanding of what they may ask and what they should not ask during an interview.  It will focus on the two major issues that arise during employment which are Sexual and Unlawful Harassment as well as Leave of Absence issues which require an understanding of both the FMLA as well as the ADA.  This seminar will then deal with the best way for a manager to protect the organization from liability for discrimination when engaging in performance management and termination of employees.  In addition, this seminar will help managers understand their heightened responsibilities under the law and your policies and how to best comply with those heightened responsibilities as managers.  It will also help your managers understand how to motivate employees and keep them engaged. The training seminar includes checklists, forms, hypothetical case scenarios, and a chance to apply all you have learned with a fun, engaging quiz-type jeopardy game.

Sample Agenda


  • Understand the federal, state and local employment laws and how they impact everything a manager does in the workplace
  • Tips for preventing liability under these laws when managing employees 


  • Learn what questions you can ask in an interview and what questions are prohibited
  • Become familiar with medical and pre-employment physical issues.
  • Develop an understanding of what information can be in an offer letter and what information should not be included in such a letter.
  • Understand how to avoid making statements that could negate employment-at-will and create an implied contract


Employment Issues Arising During Employment

  • Sexual and Unlawful Harassment
    • Develop an understanding of the two different types of harassment including quid pro quo and hostile work environment
    • Learn about sexual harassment as well as the other protected classes under federal and state law including age, race, disability, etc.
    • Learn about theories of liability for harassment by co-workers as well as by supervisors
    • Understand your company’s Anti-Harassment Policy and your heightened responsibilities as a manager under both the policy and the law
  • Leave of Absence Issues and the FMLA/ADA
    • Learn about eligibility requirements of the FMLA and ADA
    • Become familiar with what a serious health condition is under FMLA as well as the definition of a disability under the ADA
    • Develop an understanding of the recent amendments to the FMLA and ADA
    • Learn about intermittent and reduced-schedule leave under the FMLA
    • Understand what a reasonable accommodation is under the ADA and about an employers need to engage in the interactive process under the ADA


Performance Management/Termination of Employment

  • Understand how to effectively engage in performance management including how to prepare and deliver performance reviews
  • Learning how to ensure that HR will allow you to fire an employee when you so choose
  • Protecting your company from liability for discrimination when terminating employees
    • Document-Document-Document
    • Apply Policies Evenly Across the board
    • Employment-at-Will Concepts