HR Learning Center President Discusses Warning Signs of Workplace VIolence on WPIX News

Posted by Melissa Fleischer, Esq. on Sep 19th 2013

Take a look at HR Learning Center's President and Founder, Melissa Fleischer, Esq., discussing warning signs of workplace violence on WPIX morning news.  View this link:

HR Learning Center provides training seminars and webinars on workplace violence prevention and warning signs of workplace violence.  What are the warning signs of workplace violence?  Melissa Fleischer tells us that they include:

          Confrontational Attitude

          Talking about an attack

          Paranoid thoughts

          Threatening Co-Workers

          Threatening Bosses

          Showing guns or bragging  about guns to Co-workers

          Harassment of Other Employees

          Showing Signs of Substance Abuse

          Aggressive Behavior

          Unusual Behavior

          Being a Loner

          Excessive Cursing

          Bullying Others

          Outbursts of Anger

          Frequent Absenteeism

          Sudden Withdrawal

Melissa Fleischer also discussed defusing and de-escalating a violent employee.  View our video link above. For workplace violence prevention training seminars and webinars for your organization, contact HR Learning Center today at 914-417-1715 or