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One of the most frequently misunderstood obligations HR has is to engage in the “interactive process” with an employee who requests a “reasonable accommodation” under the ADA. It requires an understanding of who qualifies as a “qualified individual with a disability” under the ADA including whether an employee who requests a “reasonable accommodation” can perform the essential functions of their job. perform the essential functions of their job. Understanding HR’s obligations to engage in the “interactive process” when an employee requests a “reasonable accommodation under the ADA is perhaps one of the most difficult obligations you may have. The ADA is legalistic and understanding what you may and may not do and request during the “interactive process” and your confidentiality obligations is tricky. Understanding the many types of “reasonable accommodations” that an employee may request and how to properly respond to ensure legal compliance with the ADA is essential to avoid potential legal liability. Also, properly documenting your having engaged in the “interactive process” and understanding how to obtain the proper medical documentation to substantiate the need for the “reasonable accommodation” is a must. Attend this informative webinar for the answer to this and much more. WHAT YOU’LL LEARN • Summary of recent cases focusing on the interactive process under the ADA • An employer’s obligation to engage in the interactive process • Find out when it’s safe to not engage in the interactive process • Understand the steps to follow when engaging in the interactive process • Learn how to deal with uncooperative employees who try to delay or derail the interactive process • See for how long you must continue the interactive process • Discover how many times you must try alternative accommodations • Review actual examples of how to engage in the interactive process • AND MUCH MORE!