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Workplace Violence Training

There are many workplace violence training seminars out there.
Why choose ours?

Engaging and Informative

  • HR Learning Center's workplace violence training seminars are an exciting experience for your employees that they will remember and incorporate into their workplace behavior
  • Our hr compliance training seminars go beyond just workplace violence training and incorporate the warning signs to watch out for as well as ways to make the workplace safer.
  • HR Learning Center's Workplace Violence Training Seminars are delivered using a multi-faceted approach that makes them more engaging, fun and interactive than other workplace violence seminars
  • Our multi-faceted approach includes, a power point presentation by an experienced employment attorney, hypothetical case scenarios that provide the opportunity for small group discussion and a quiz game show format so that participants can apply the knowledge they have gained during the seminar

Multi-Faceted Fun and Interactive Approach

Our multi-faceted approach includes:

  • A power point presentation by an experienced employment attorney
  • Hypothetical case scenarios that provide the opportunity for small group discussion
  • A quiz game show format so that participants can apply the knowledge they have gained during the seminar; and
  • A short video that contains several vignettes so participants can learn how these issues arise in the workplace.

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Workplace Violence Training: Awareness, Prevention

  • Whether an on-site seminar or an online webinar is best for you and your employees, HR Learning Center can provide either with our workplace law training seminars that focus on workplace violence awareness and prevention.
  • We offer workplace violence training, both in person and online, that will keep attendees engaged and will help them be armed with the understanding and information needed to best prevent violence in the workplace.
  • Workplace violence training, studies show, is most effective when it invites participation, encourages group discussion and provides real-life examples for review.
  • We partner with security consultant, Fred Leland, of Law Enforcement & Security Consulting to provide the most up-to-date cutting edge workplace violence prevention programs there can be.    
Magnifying Glass

At HR Learning Center, this best-practice format is further enhanced:

  • Every on-site or online seminar is presented by a seasoned employment law professional, an attorney who has practiced extensively in this field and has provided legal services to businesses for many years.
  • Please see client testimonials, located under About Us to understand how our clients have been helped by HR Learning Center training that combines best adult-learning modules, workplace law trends and in-the-field legal expertise.
  • For more information on work-related risk of violence, please continue reading, order a webinar for your employees, or contact us for details about on-site seminars that will protect you and your workers.
  • For public employers in New York, our workplace violence training incorporates initiatives from the New York State Workplace Violence Prevention Act.

New York State Workplace Violence Prevention Act

  • Signed into law in 2006, this Act requires public employers to build and deliver workplace violence prevention programs.
  • Recognizing that, until this law was passed, no federal or state statutes were in place to address this issue, the Act was designed to raise awareness of the work-related violence risks and maximize productivity by minimizing potential dangers.

    Actions taken in light of this Act include:

  • Evaluating risk in the workplace with regard to homicides and assaults that relate directly to heightened exposure to harm due to such factors as working in a public arena (educators, public healthcare workers, police officers) or working late hours, alone, or in an area where there is limited control over access
  • Creating and implementing a written program to address targeted issues for increased security and violence prevention
  • Providing employees access to this written program along with training on risks associated with their occupation and workplace

    For clarification on this and other issues related to violence prevention and training, please see our HR training programs or contact us directly.

HR Learning Center's Workplace Violence Training Seminar includes the following:

  • Review and revision of company's workplace violence policy and/or drafting a workplace violence policy if the company does not already have one
  • On-Site or on-line training by a skilled experienced employment attorney
  • Power point presentation
  • Short video on workplace violence
  • Hand Outs
  • Game Show Style Quiz Training Game
  • Certificate of Attendance Forms
  • Training Attendance Forms
  • Question and Answer Session
  • Follow-Up Session  one week after the Workplace Violence Training Seminar