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Managing a Multi-Generational Workforce


HR Learning Centers Managing a Multi-Generational Workforce Training Seminar is a must for employers.  Todays workforce has four distinct generations working side-by-side.  This webinar will provide your managers with the essentials they need to ensure that each generation feels respected and understood.  They will learn how to eliminate generational conflict within the workplace and create a harmonious respectful workplace environment.  Your managers will learn best practices for communicating effectively with each generation and how to maximize each employees contribution by going beyond common generational stereotypes.  Managers will learn how to reduce any interpersonal conflict that can be caused by generational differences and how to increase respect for all employees, regardless of their generational differences.     


Our Managing a Multi-Generational Workforce Training Seminar is essential for todays modern employer faced with a multi-cultural, multi-generational and diverse workforce. It assists managers in understanding, valuing and appreciating the importance of their employees cultural and generational differences and encourages them to view this as a strength within the workplace. It teaches managers to be sensitive and respectful to others in the workplace. It reviews the legal aspects of discrimination and harassment in the workplace and focuses on methods to avoid discrimination and harassment based on our cultural and generational differences. It enables managers to view all employees equally and to focus on the contribution that each employee can make in a respectful workplace.


What you will learn in this seminar:

·         To adopt a communication style to meet the challenges of a multi-generational workforce

·         The characteristics of the four major generations in your workplace

·         Tips to Reduce Interpersonal Conflict by Understanding and Appreciating Multi-Generational Differences

·         Methods to develop and retain workers from each generation

·         Methods to Increase Intergenerational Respect

·         Tips to Maximize and Value Each Generations Strengths