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From Hiring to Firing: What Managers Need to Know

There are many workplace law training seminars out there.
Why choose ours?

Engaging and Informative

  • HR Learning Center's workplace law training seminars are an exciting experience for your employees that they will remember and incorporate into their workplace behavior
  • Our seminars go beyond just sexual harassment training and incorporate all types of unlawful harassment under both state and federal laws including harassment based on age, disability, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity and religion.
  • HR Learning Center's HR Training Seminars are delivered using a multi-faceted approach that makes them more engaging, fun and interactive than other HR Training Seminars
  • Our multi-faceted approach includes, a power point presentation by an experienced employment attorney, hypothetical case scenarios that provide the opportunity for small group discussion and a quiz game show format so that participants can apply the knowledge they have gained during the seminar

Multi-Faceted Fun and Interactive Approach

Our multi-faceted approach includes:

  • A power point presentation by an experienced employment attorney
  • Hypothetical case scenarios that provide the opportunity for small group discussion
  • A quiz game show format so that participants can apply the knowledge they have gained during the seminar; and
  • A short video that contains several vignettes so participants can learn how these issues arise in the workplace.

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An Employment Law Training Seminar That No Manager Should Miss

  • Our From Hiring to Firing:What Every Manager Needs to Know training seminar is a must for all managers!
  • It is designed to assist Managers who are unfamiliar with the employment laws and how they may impact you and your company.
  • This Employment Law Training Seminar is full of tips that managers can use to ensure compliance with all of the employment discrimination laws
Magnifying Glass

Overview of the Employment Laws

  • This workplace law training seminar will be presented as an overview of many of the important employment laws that managers need to be aware of including the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Family and Medical Leave Act, the federal and state laws that prohibit sexual harassment in the workplace and the anti-discrimination laws. 

  • The training seminar will be presented chronologically from hiring to termination with a discussion of each relevant employment law that may come into play at each of these stages of employment.
  • This overview of employment law training seminar will follow a hypothetical employee through the life cycle of employment from hiring to firing. 
  • We provide hypothetical scenarios as well as quiz style training games so that participants can apply what they have learned during our Employment Law Training Seminars.
  • We allow ample time for questions and answers throughout the entire Employment Law Training Seminar.

Tips For Managers From Hiring to Firing

  • In the hiring stage this employment law training seminar will provide your managers with an understanding of what they may ask and what they should not ask during an interview. 
  •  It will focus on the two major issues that arise during employment which are Sexual and Unlawful Harassment as well as Leave of Absence issues which require an understanding of both the FMLA as well as the ADA.
  • This seminar will then provide tips on the best way for an employer to protect itself from liability for discrimination when terminating employees.
  • This comprehensive seminar for managers will also focus on how employers can best protect themselves from liability including having well-drafted employment policies and employee handbooks. 

HR Learning Center's From Hiring to Firing Training Seminar includes the following:

  • Review and revision of companys employment law policies
  • On-Site training by a skilled experienced employment attorney
  • Power point presentation
  • Short video on discrimination and harassment
  • Hand Outs
  • Game Show Style Quiz Training Game
  • Certificate of Attendance Forms
  • Training Attendance Forms
  • Question and Answer Session
  • Follow-Up Session  one week after the From Hiring to Firing Training Seminar