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Outline of Training Seminar



I.  Overview of Importance of Training and Laws That Prohibit Harassment

·        Introduction and Overview of Training

·        Why Every Employee Should Care About Unlawful Workplace Harassment

·        Why Training is Important

·        Federal Laws that Prohibit Harassment

·        State Law (in your location) that prohibits harassment


II.      In-Depth Discussion of the Two Different Types of Harassment


·        Definition of Quid Pro Quo Harassment

·        Discussion of Who Can Engage in Quid Pro Quo Harassment

·        Examples and Discussion of Actual Cases

·        Definition of Hostile Work Environment Harassment

·        Discussion of How a Hostile Work Environment Can Be Created

·        Examples from Actual Cases

·        Requirement that Conduct be Severe and Pervasive

·        Discussion of Who Can Create a Hostile Work Environment


III.  Prohibition on Retaliation and Need for Confidentiality


·        Need for Confidentiality

·        Prohibition on Retaliation

·        What is Retaliation


IV.  HRs Role in Handling Harassment Complaints


·        Elements of the Investigation

·        Hrs Decision

·        Prompt Corrective Action


V.    In-Depth Discussion of Companys Anti-Harassment Policy


VI.   Small Group Discussion of Case Scenarios


VII.  Unlawful Harassment Video of Short Vignettes


VIII. Game Show Quiz with teams and prizes to winning teams


IX.   Conclusion