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Outline of Training Seminar



  • Understand the federal, state and local employment laws and how they impact interviews.
  • Learn what questions you can ask in an interview and what questions are prohibited.
  • Become familiar with medical and pre-employment physical issues.
  • Develop an understanding of what information can be in an offer letter and what information should not be included in such a letter.


Employment Issues Arising During Employment


  • Sexual and Unlawful Harassment
    • Develop an understanding of the two different types of harassment including quid pro quo and hostile work environment
    • Learn about sexual harassment as well as the other protected classes under federal and state law including age, race, disability, etc.
    • Learn about theories of liability for harassment by co-workers as well as by supervisors
    • Understand your companys Anti-Harassment Policy and your heightened responsibilities as a manager under both the policy and the law
  • Leave of Absence Issues and the FMLA/ADA
    • Learn about eligibility requirements of the FMLA and ADA
    • Become familiar with what a serious health condition is under FMLA as well as the definition of a disability under the ADA
    • Develop an understanding of the recent amendments to the FMLA and ADA
    • Learn about intermittent and reduced-schedule leave under the FMLA
    • Understand what a reasonable accommodation is under the ADA and about an employers need to engage in the interactive process under the ADA


Termination of Employment


  • Protecting your company from liability for discrimination when terminating employees
    • Document-Document-Document
    • Apply Policies Evenly Across the board
    • Employment-at-Will Concepts