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Workplace Law Training Seminars

Compliance, liability and employee security are critical issues faced by business owners. Whether for a small- or medium-sized business or for consistent messaging and compliant policy throughout a larger company HR compliance training is a necessity. HR Learning Center is set up to address these issues and provide both customized workplace law training seminars and webinars that can be viewed live or in a recorded mode. Please select "HR Issues" and review "What the Law Requires" and "How We Can Help," then make your purchase or contact us for more information about the HR training seminars, workplace law training seminars and webinars delivered in an engaging and thorough manner.

What does the law require? First, an employment law policy that includes a clearly outlined complaint procedure is essential. Our workplace lawyers have experience drafting these policies and can help you draft such a policy. If you have an employment law policy that simply needs to be updated, you may request this service as well.

Depending on the size and location of your business, you may be required by law to provide workplace law training seminars. In addition, to protect your company from liability for sexual and unlawful harassment as well as incidents of violence in your workplace, it is essential that you provide workplace law training seminars. Seminars and webinars here are developed to address all facets of workplace law, from discrimination and sexual harassment to workplace violence prevention.

In addition, all complaints must be taken seriously and responded to immediately. Discrimination and harassment investigations should be undertaken as soon as possible. We are qualified and experienced in this area and can provide workplace investigations for you. If any violations have been uncovered, it is the employer's responsibility to take action so that repeat violations don't occur. HR Learning Center practiced workplace lawyers are available to help you with sexual harassment claims, should they occur.

Please contact us to request any of these services or to schedule a consultation for workplace law training on-site and workplace law training seminars. You may also purchase training webinars here, live, recorded, or both. See current webinar offerings. In addition, consider signing up for HR Learning Center emails, convenient reminders of upcoming training sessions.

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